How to Get Star Power in Brawl Stars

Hey, Brawlers, you know if you want to win, you need to grab yourself some Star Power, but to do so takes some time. In Brawl Stars, Star Power is known as “Unique Passive Skill”, as it adds a unique skill to your Brawler. For instance, the Band-Aid Star Power allows the brawler Shelly to instantly recover health when she falls beneath 40 percent, and will automatically recharge in 20 seconds. As you can see, when you acquire Star Powers in Brawl Stars, you immediately become a more strategic and better player. Where do you find Star Powers? To find and equip your brawler with a Star Power, go to the top right of your brawlers page, and select your Star Power.

Two Main Methods to Get Star Powers

There are two ways to get your Star Powers. The first method is to visit the shop and pay 2,000 gold. The second way is to obtain the Star Power as a lucky draw from one of the Brawl Boxes. Brawl Boxes are essentially loot boxes that contain items such as Brawlers, gems and coins, that you come across randomly or via Trophy Road rewards. You can also purchase a Brawl Box from the shop for around 100 tokens, or purchase bundles from the shop using real-world cash.

The first method is direct, but the second is random, and solely based on luck with only a slim, 1 percent chance of a Star Power in any Brawl Box, While you can use 2,000 gold to buy a star power, it’s best to get your first brawler Star Powers for free, and use the 2,000 in gold you’ve saved up to then upgrade your other brawlers.

Leveling Up to Level 9

First and foremost, before you can qualify for Star Powers, at least one of your brawlers has to be at level 9. This means that you need to concentrate on getting one of your brawlers to level 9 as soon as possible. Do so, even if it means having to put upgrading your other brawlers on the back burner. Why? Because once you have a brawler at level 9, the brawl boxes you encounter might possibly contain a much coveted Star Power, which automatically levels you up to 10. To do this, simply choose the one brawler who is closest to the next level, and purchase Power Point offers for that brawler only, not for any other brawler.

That brings us to the topic of Power Points. Every Brawler has its own Power Points Pool. You need to acquire enough Power Points to fill your Powerpool bar in order to level up. When you level up your Attack, Special Attack and Health will increase. The higher your level, the more powerful your Brawler becomes. Once you’ve filled the bar with Power Points, you then have to use coins to unlock the level. You can collect Power Points from Brawl Boxes, as well as purchase them from the shop, just remember that the Power Points found in Brawl Boxes are random, so you’ll never know what you’ll get. You can also grab up to 25 Power Points from Trophy road Rewards, and gift those points to the Brawler of your choice.