How to Download Brawl Stars for Android & iOS

Brawl Stars is an addictive game of skill, where winning depends on how well you know your Brawlers, and those you’re playing against. When it first launched, it was only available in a few select countries, such as Canada, Denmark, and Hong Kong. However, that was then. Today Brawl Stars is available in most countries in both Android and iOS

The most recent update to Brawl Stars for Android was made on July 5, 2019, and features some new and exciting perks. For starters, version 19.111 comes with a brand new Brawler! Tick is the name, and exploding is his game. He’s described as a metal ball of explosive energy who tosses mines. His Super involves detaching his head, looking for a suitable target and exploding! Supercell did not stop there. There’s also Star Powers, and Star Points to collect. Star Points are referred to as Brawl Stars brand new currency. You can use these Star Points to purchase new and exclusive skins for your Brawler.

Brawl Stars is free to download for both Android and iOS, but there are some optional, in-app purchases that you can make to expedite the gameplay. The following are examples of in-app purchases for iOS:

  • 30 Gems – $2.79
  • 80 Gems – $6.99
  • 170 Gems – $13.99
  • Level 5 Pack – $2.79
  • Level 15 Pack – $6.99
  • 360 Gems – $27.99
  • Level 25 Pack – $13.99
  • Welcome Pack – $6.99
  • Summer Offer – $13.99
  • Level 35 Pack – $27.99

Brawl Stars is very much a kid-friendly game, with an age rating of 9 years old and above. As far as violence goes, there is no gore, and the action can be classified as “mild cartoon” level violence, no worse than a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Please note, that we are using Google and Apple’s stores for the downloads. There are also plenty of places on the net where you can also download Brawl Stars. However, we encourage you to think twice about them, as it’s possible your phone could become infected with malware. If however, you can’t download from either store, you can try going to Cnet to download Brawl Stars for Android, or for iOS. CNet is pretty secure and checks all downloads for malware and viruses before uploading them to their site.

Downloading Brawl Stars to Android

APK stands for, Android Package Kit. This is the file format that your Android operating system uses for installing mobile apps. Just think of it as the counterpart of your PC’s .exe file. So, when you download a Brawl Stars latest update, July 5, 2019, v19.111, you are installing an APK file.

As Brawl Stars is now available in the Google Play Store for Android phones 4.3 and up, there’s no further need to download via a VPN. Simply go to the Play Store, search for Brawl Stars, answer any questions as to your location, and download to your Android device. Don’t be put off if you are asked where it is you reside, as Supercell uses this to ensure you get a version with the correct language.

If, for any reason you’re having a bit of trouble with the download, you can try this trick:

  1. Close Google Play, then reopen
  2. Tap on Settings, then Application, Google Play, Clear Cache, Force Stop then Re-open.
  3. Try to download again, and it should work.

Downloading Brawl Stars to iOS

For iOS, begin by clicking into your Apple Store, and search for Brawl Stars. Brawl Stars is currently a very popular game and ranks at number 37 for its genre. This latest version is 235 MB, and compatible with the iOS 9.0 or later, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Once found, click download and you’re ready to brawl!

Brawl Stars is still not available in your region, do the following:

  1. Create a new Apple ID within a region that has Brawl Stars. such as Canada
  2. Sign into this new account
  3. Proceed to download from the Canadian Apple Store and download
  4. Before you play, to fool Supercell’s servers you’ll need to install a VPN on your iOS device, and set the VPN’s location to a Canadian server. You’re now ready to play!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve downloaded Brawl Stars to your smart device, why stop there? You can also elect to download an emulator, such as Bluestacks 4, so you can play it on your PC. Plus, it can’t hurt to look into some of the fun apps that gamers use from time to time to hone their gaming skills, such as Brawl Stats for Brawl Stars by Overwolf or the highly-rated, “Tips and Strategy Guide for Brawl Stars Gems” app. Finally, consider joining the Brawl Stars community on Discord to meet new players and trade Brawler secrets. All in all, Brawl Stars is all it’s cracked up to be: Smashingly good fun for players young and old, and on any platform.

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