How To Add Friends in Brawl Stars

If you’ve been playing Brawl Stars alone with randomly assigned players and feel it’s time to add a few good friends into the mix to help spice it up, then look no further, as we have all the information you’ll need, right here. By selecting your own friends, you’ll be creating your own team, good players who are in it to have fun and win. However, for newbies, the Brawl Stars interface can be a bit confusing at first, that’s why we’ve written this guide. Once you learn the basics of adding friends, we guarantee you’re gaming experience will multiply ten fold!

Why Add Friends?

By adding friends to Brawl Stars, the entire experience of gameplay will be enhanced. If you’ve been playing Showdown mode alone, you already know that you’re automatically assigned to players. That’s cool, but not as fun interacting in some sweet gameplay with people you know. Not only will you be having fun playing with friends, but you’ll also be able to strategically coordinate brawls.

The developers at Supercell have made the ability to add friends super simple. For instance, the easiest way to gain a friend is to enter the game room and right-click on an avatar. There you’ll have the option to send a friend request. But that’s not the only way. The developers want to make certain that you have every opportunity to add friends, and we’ve listed them here, below.

Social Media Menu

First stop, is the social media menu. On the main page, sitting right under the Shop icon, you’ll find the Social icon. Click on this to gain access to the social menu, and proceed to connect to Facebook. Once connected to Facebook, any Facebook friends that are playing Brawl Stars will show up and will be added to your friends list automatically. You can also join one of the many Brawl Stars Facebook groups, such as Brawl Stars Global, to try to hook up with other players

What if you’ve played a couple of games with someone who’s really good, but not on your Facebook friends list? In this case, you’ll click on the “Suggested Friends” tab. This will show you anyone on Facebook who you’ve played with before. All you have to do is send a friend request their way to add them. Finally, take a look at the “Invites” tab. and click “Share Invite”. By clicking this button, you are able to manually share invites. The share invite link will allow you to send invites via email, messaging and much more.


Team Code

Using your team code is another way to incorporate your friends into the game. To do this, go to your main page and click on the chat button. Here You’ll be able to select one of three tabs: Online players, team chat and club chat. Next, go to the online player’s section and click “Create Team Code”. Once created, you can then share that code out, and add those people as friends. You may also click the “Join with Code” and “Share with Code” buttons.


Join a Club

Return to the Social Menu and click “Clubs”. You’ll then see two buttons: “Search for Clubs” and “Create Club”. Since you’re looking to make some new connections, click the “Search for Clubs” tab. Once here, look for some clubs to join where you can find more friends to add. Another way to join a club is to visit one of the many Brawl Star forums such as Reddit’s Brawl Stars.


Brawl Stars Discord

This is another great place to find and add friends to engage with. Discord is an app that allows gamers to communicate with one another. For Brawl Star players, simply go here, to Brawl Stars Discord and sign up. There are currently 55,951 brawl star players registered there, and it keeps growing every day, so give it a try. Communication with the Discord app is easy, with both text and voice chatting available, you can share your code, and see your friend’s list grow!


Too Many Invites?

If you’ve tried to recruit a friend, and get a message saying “This Person Has Too Many Friend Requests”, it’s probably because they have too many invites sitting in their invite box, so you won’t be able to get through. There’s a chance that they just forgot about cleaning their invite box out, so you’ll have to message your friend via Facebook chat or email to have them empty out their invite box, or send you a request instead.