Frank Brawl Stars — Strategies, Tips & Tactics


Frank swings his hammer at enemies, sending a shockwave. His Super is an especially powerful blow that stuns enemies!

Stun your enemies into submission! With Frank as your tank, smash your hammer into the ground to create a damaging shockwave. Use Frank’s ultimate to stun your enemies and his large HP pool to get in the fight!

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Frank’s Basic Information


Melee Brawler


Tank, Solo Brawler

Attack Range:

6 Tiles

Super Range:

7 Tiles

Attack Reload:


Attack Radius:

3x3 Tiles

Movement Speed:

2.9 Tiles/s



Star Power: Power Grab

Frank steals the power of a Brawler he defeats, increasing his damage by 40% for 10 seconds!

Level Stats

Power Level






















Frank’s Abilities


Attack: Hammer Hit

Frank takes a while to wind up his hammer blow, but the hit is so hard it sends a shockwave.


Super: Last Call

Frank’s greatest hit sens a shockwave that destroys the environment and stuns enemies for a while.

Frank’s Strength’s

  • Great health and can poke from mid-range
  • Good for breaking walls and protecting allies
  • Gets very strong as the game progresses with skull power, can 1 shot some brawlers

Frank’s Weaknesses

  • Weak against very long-range characters like Rico
  • Easily kited in open space and also an easy target to hit
  • Super can be canceled by knockbacks such as Shelly’s or El Primo’s super

Tips & Tactics

  • Frank’s mid-range means he will not do well against long-range attackers. You will want to work with your teammates and protect them from the front line.
  • He does well in Smash and Grabs as the gem carrier with tanky stats and the ability to attack behind walls

Frank Strategy 101

Frank is another really interesting tank, unlike Bull or El Primo you have to play him in a specific way to make him effective. Going all out aggression with Frank like you would with El Primo will usually just get you killed. You’re going to have to be a bit more sneaky with this big guy to take full advantage of his abilities.

Because he loses to the shotgun characters like Shelly and Bull and doesn’t fare well against the long-range brawlers that can hit a large target from afar, you’re going to have to think about your movement a lot while playing Frank.

Stay in bushes, move around the edges of the map, and try to surprise your enemies, that’s going to get you the best results.

Franks smash does a lot of damage, in a wide area, so finding a grouped-up team and unloading on them is going to do a ton of damage, but also get you your super quickly. Frank’s super is also what’s going to sway games in your favor when you use it properly.

Frank’s Super is very similar to his smash, only with a larger distance, and a stunning feature. This means, however, that catching a whole team in his super, then unloading his smashes will likely leave none standing.

This overwhelming power is great for teams but also great to pick off that really annoying DPS that will get away if he isn’t killed instantly. However, because this smash and stun combo will kill almost any brawler, it takes Frank a second to charge it up.

This is going to be his weakness for you to watch out for, and if you are playing against a Frank, for you to take advantage of. Every knockback or stun will cancel Frank’s super, so Shelly’s super, or El Primo’s elbow or Dynamike’s bomb will all cancel Frank’s super, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

Keep this in mind while you play Frank, and try to surprise your opponents so they don’t have the chance to cancel your super!

Favorable Matchups for Frank

Dynamike Brawl Stars
Barley Brawl Stars
Poco Brawl Stars
Pam Brawl Stars
Mortis Brawl Stars

Difficult Matchups for Frank

Jessie Brawl Stars
Rico Brawl Stars
Crow Brawl Stars

Best Events/Game Modes for Frank

  1. Gem Grab
  2. Brawl Ball
  3. Seige

Frank’s Skins

Frank's Changelog History
  • 05.21.18 — Frank was added to the game.
  • 06.19.18 — Frank’s health was increased to 5800 (from 5600), and his main attack range was increased to 5.67 tiles (from 5.00 tiles).
  • 08.31.18 — Frank’s main attack range was increased to 6.33 tiles (from 5.67 tiles), and Frank’s super range was increased to 7.33 tiles (from 6.67 tiles).
  • 09.27.19 — Frank’s main attack range was decreased to 6 tiles (from 6.33 tiles), and Frank’s super range was decreased to 7 tiles (from 7.33 tiles).
  • 01.29.19 — Frank’s Star Power got changed so that it no longer left purple skulls, but instead immediately increased his main attack by 40% for 10 seconds after he defeated a Brawler. His attack animation was also changed.
  • 04.15.19 — Frank‘s Super was made so it only stunned the IKE turret for a split second.