Dynamike Brawl Stars — Strategies, Tips & Tactics


Dynamike lobs two explosive sticks of dynamite. His Super attack is a whole barrel full of dynamite that blows up cover!

Unlocked at 2000 trophies Dynamike is a high DPS, low HP damage dealer. Throwing sticks of dynamite, his attacks deal massive damage in a small area of effect. Watch out for his ultimate, as he throws a barrel that explodes in a large radius. The barrel also has a knockback effect on his enemies when it explodes.

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Dynamike’s Basic Information


Ranged Brawler/Thrower


Ranged Splash Damage

Attack Range:

7 Tiles

Super Range:

7 Tiles

Attack Reload:


Attack Radius:

2x2 Tiles

Movement Speed:

2.5 Tiles/s



Star Power: Dyna-Jump

Dynamike can ride the blast wave of his explosives to jump over obstacles!

Level Stats

Power Level






















Dynamike’s Abilities


Attack: Short Fuse

Mike tosses two sticks of dynamite, passing over any obstacles in the way. The fuses are cut as short as Mike’s explosive temper!


Super: Big Barrel O’ Boom

A big-bada-barrel of dynamite blows up cover. Any surviving enemies get knocked back on impact!

Dynamike’s Strength’s

  • Dynamike can do loads of damage to an AREA. Key distinction… AREA.
  • Because Dynamike is so strong at dealing damage to an area, he can easily lockdown and control areas of the map.
  • Dynamike is a very strong character when posturing defensively.
  • #1 advantage that Dynamike has over most other Brawlers is that he doesn’t need line of sight to deal damage to his enemies. He simply needs to be in range.
  • Dynamike’s super is very strong and deals a lot of direct damage to a significant radius around its detonation spot.
  • Big Barrel o’ Boom can also destroy walls & cover… this is a distinction that not many of the brawlers have, so being able to open up new passageways, or offer your teammates line of sight to hiding opponents is very valuable.
  • Dynamike is a master at making key staging areas in objective based play inaccessible due to damage.

Dynamike’s Weaknesses

  • Dynamike does not deal damage to targets, so it is quite difficult to land damage sometimes as your opponent can fake you out to move in another direction.
  • Dynamike’s primary attack is usually dodgeable because it is quite slow.
  • Dynamike has low HP and is also very weak to melee characters because he has to move to run away but also must drop dynamite to try and stop the aggressor. It almost rarely happens.
  • There is a buffer area with Dynamike that he makes difficult to cross because of his ability to move and drop bombs right in your path, BUT once across, he’s almost certainly dead meat.

Tips & Tactics

  • Lob all 3 of your initial attacks into the popular staging area towards the middle of a team map. You’ll likely kill the weaker HP brawlers and damage everyone else significantly enough to force a retreat.
  • Use your Super to uncover hiding foes.
  • Make sure you attempt to lead your opponent into cover with your primary.
  • Dynamike is an objective player and an assist guy… make sure you’re always on the lookout for what an enemy HAS to duck for cover due to the pressure that one of your ranged attackers is putting on them. Make sure you’ve got a nice stick of dynamite waiting for them when they arrive.
  • Use your abilities as a buffer to buy time for your retreating teammates when the end of round timers are active.
  • If you’re able to sneak up within range of a choke point or oblivious enemy brawler… get a nice spread on your dynamite (think Olympic Rings – where they overlap the damage is extreme) so you can be sure to get some damage in on the enemy before they get out of dodge.
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities during Heist to sneak in and deal a lot of damage to the safe. You will not need line of sight to the safe in order to deal damage, so just check those bombs over the wall and get outta there!

Dynamike Strategy 101

Dynamike is a high difficulty brawler. Without a solid understanding of his mechanics and matchups, you’re likely to lose a lot of matches. Mike throws two sticks of dynamite in the air and they spread apart about 1 block before they land.

This throw also takes a second to land and explode, meaning you will have to predict your enemy’s movement and lead your shots a lot. This difficulty in mechanics is made up for by a massive amount of damage per explosion.

You will likely notice the first time you play against him that a stuck landing at your feet is likely to knock off about half your health. This puts a distinct fear of those sticks laying on the ground in your opponent’s mind, and just laying a shot in a choke point will likely mean the team will wait for it to explode before they move in.

Use this to your advantage and always be lobbing sticks into choke points, sometimes delaying their team or making them split up is more important than killing them.

Dynamike’s sticks will also go over walls, so hiding behind cover and throwing sticks into the fray will deal a lot of damage or make their team move back, allowing your team to move in and take a point.

A lot of Dynamike’s strength does not come from him actually doing damage, think about how your opponents will have to move when you throw a stick and use that to determine where you throw. 3 sticks in a line down the center of a point will make the opposing team have to back up quite away, giving you a second or two to collect up some gems and get back out.

Dynamiike’s barrel that he carries is another huge damage dealer, likely to kill a brawler if it’s a direct hit. It also does damage to obstacles, so use this knowledge to your advantage in game types. If you are playing Heist, throw the barrel at the wall in front of the safe, this way your team can go directly in and deal damage to the safe without having to walk around.

This barrel also works very well coming from the sidewalls of a map, throw it from the side towards the gem mine and your opponents likely won’t be expecting it or have the reaction time to move out of the way.

Dynamike will take some time to get a feel for, but once you do he is a great addition to the team, dealing large damage when he hits, and forcing the opposing team to move out of the way when it doesn’t. Just be careful with your 1v1s and stay with your team, Mike doesn’t fare well when caught out of place and doesn’t do the direct damage needed to stand up against other brawlers.

If you find yourself running from your enemies (you will a lot) throw sticks at your own feet, those chasing you will have to decide either to stop chasing you or to continue and risk being blown up as they run over your dynamite.

Favorable Matchups for Dynamike

Rico Brawl Stars

Difficult Matchups for Dynamike

Leon Brawl Stars

Best Events/Game Modes for Dynamike

  1. Heist
  2. Gem Grab
  3. Showdown
  4. Brawl Ball

Dynamike’s Skins

Dynamike's Changelog History
  • 06.20.17 — Dynamike’s base damage per dynamite was increased from 140 to 160.
  • 06.27.17 — Dynamike’s Super damage was increased from 400 to 500.
  • 08.16.17 — Dynamike’s main attack damage was increased to 180 (from 160) per dynamite stick. Super damage was increased to 540 (from 500). Both main attack and Super projectiles deploy faster and the explode time was decreased to 1.4s (from 1.5s).
  • 09.12.17 — Dynamike’s health was increased to 700 (from 600).
  • 10.05.17 — Dynamike’s Super damage was decreased to 500 (from 540).
  • 12.07.17 — the health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Also, Dynamike’s Super now generates 17% less charge towards the next Super (120 → 100).
  • 01.16.18 — Dynamike’s main attack damage per dynamite was increased to 800 (from 720).
  • 03.21.18 — Dynamike’s projectile speed boost was increased to 14% (from 9%).
  • 03.23.18 — Dynamike’s main Attack and Super projectile speed was increased by 12%.
  • 04.09.18 — Dynamike’s main Attack and Super projectile speed was increased by 10%.
  • 05.21.18 — Dynamike’s main Attack and Super projectile speed was decreased by 5%.
  • 06.19.18 — Dynamike’s main Attack damage was decreased to 760 (from 800).
  • 08.31.18 — Dynamike’s Super explosion delay was increased to 1.3 seconds (from 1.1 seconds).
  • 12.05.18 — Dynamike was remodeled.
  • 01.18.19 — the Spicy Mike skin was added to the game.