The Difference Between A Big Box & A Brawl Box

The boxes in Brawl stars all function essentially the same way, with Big Boxes being 3x the amount of items in a Brawl Box, and a Mega Box being 10x the amount of items in a Brawl Box. With one small exception being the amount of items are dispersed over a smaller amount of brawlers each time. So, for example, you may unlock 50 coins, 5 S0hellys and 5 Nitas in a brawl box, but if you opened a Big Box worth 3 brawl boxes, you may get 150 coins, 15 Shellys, and 15 Nitas.

The drop rate of each type of character is listed below, this information is available if you click on the “i” on a box in the box purchasing area of the game. Additionally, Supercell gives us some insight into how the luck system works in the game. Every Time you do not get a “rare” drop, your luck goes up, so your chance of unlocking a better brawler increases every time you open a box and do not get a new brawler. Your luck also decreases when you finally do unlock a new brawler.

Supercell says this:

In addition, each draw gives you a 25% chance to get event tickets, a 9% chance to get gems and a 3% chance to get a token doubler. Note that star powers are only available for brawlers that have reached level 9. Once you have unlocked all rewards of a certain type, for example, rare brawlers, the probability to get all other rewards increases. Luck: In order to make the brawl box opening experience more fair there is a luck system affecting the probability of legendary brawlers. With each draw that doesn’t give you a new brawler, your luck value is increased, and each time you get a new brawler, your luck value goes down based on the rarity of the brawler you got. When luck is high enough, you have a greater chance to get a legendary brawler, while a low luck value means that it’s harder to get a new legendary brawler. Early draws are predetermined to ensure a fair start for everybody.

NameDrop Rate
Power Points + Coins94.2%
Rare Brawler2.688%
Super Rare Brawler1.2096%
Epic Brawler0.5472%
Mythic Brawler0.2496%
Legendary Brawler0.1056%
Star Power1.0000%