Darryl Brawl Stars — Strategies, Tips & Tactics


Darryl has a powerful double-shotgun attack. His Super move is a reckless roll inside his bouncy barrell!

Darryl is a dual wielding shotgun brawler. Dealing more damage the closer you get, and boasting a large HP pool to keep you alive, use Darryl to get in close and finish off opponents. If you get in trouble, use Daryl’s ultimate to quickly barrel out danger, or use it to catch a fleeing enemy.

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Darryl’s Basic Information


Ranged Brawler/Thrower


Map Control, AoE/Splash Damage

Attack Range:

7 Tiles

Super Range:

9 Tiles

Attack Reload:


Attack Radius:

3x3 Tiles

Movement Speed:

2.5 Tiles/s



Star Power: Medical Use

Barley regains 300 health from each main attack.

Level Stats

Power Level






















Darryl’s Abilities


Attack: Double Deuce

Darryl’s double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage.


Super: Barrel Roll

Darryl rolls forward inside his barrel, knocking back enemies and bouncing off walls. His Super recharges over time!

Darryl’s Strength’s

  • Strong damage from close range, High hit points, Always in the fight due to a unique super ability.

Darryl’s Weaknesses

  • Difficult to get into effective range on certain maps & modes, no support of his teammates with any abilities, No ability to destroy obstacles.

Tips & Tactics

  • Use Darryl’s super to bounce off walls – this allows you to inflict increased damage on opponents, and also use angles to position Darryl in a way the enemy could not foresee.

Darryl Strategy 101

Darryl is a shotgun style brawler similar to Bull. High damage output in close range, but his damage quickly dissipates as his enemies get farther from him. Boasting a fairly high HP, use Darryl to get into the fray and keep the damage high on your enemies.

You will likely need to rely on a ranged teammate to finish off opponents as you will only get one or two shots off on him before the enemy gets away. For this same reason, try to pick fights with enemies that you can kill with a shot of two.

Let your higher DPS sniper style teammates dictate your targets for you. Wait in the bushes or behind cover until a Brock or Bo lands a few shots on an enemy, then jump out and focus down the brawler. Darryl will require you to think more about your fights than a Bull or an El Primo.

Darryl is great for strategically killing off target brawlers, but don’t make the mistake of playing him like a Bull and just charge into every fight you can get close to. Because of this face that you need to be picking off enemies, not just tanking damage in a central location, you will need to rely on Darryl’s Super ability a lot to get you into the fight with the brawler you want to finish off.

Lucky, Darryl’ Super recharges by itself, no need to deal damage to charge up this Super, it will auto-fill quickly enough.

Darryl’s Super turns him into a rolling barrel, charging through enemies and bouncing off walls. Use this ability to surprise enemies and pick off key opponents. Because he bounces off walls, using this ability to hit opponents multiple times in a hallway will start a fight off heavily in your favor.

Again, planning with Darryl is very important, plan an attack by aiming yourself off a wall, bouncing into a fight from an unusual direction is sure to surprise enemies and catch them unready for a fight.

Being an effective Darryl brawler is going to take some time as his skill ceiling is high. Plan your attacks, use your team to start fights, and pick off key opponents, these are your keys to being an effective Darryl.

Favorable Matchups for Darryl

Nita Brawl Stars
Brock Brawl Stars
Colt Brawl Stars
El-Primo Brawl Stars
Rico Brawl Stars
Tara Brawl Stars

Difficult Matchups for Darryl

Dynamike Brawl Stars
Barley Brawl Stars
Pam Brawl Stars
Crow Brawl Stars

Best Events/Game Modes for Darryl

  1. Heist
  2. Brawl Ball
  3. Gem Grab
  4. Boss Fight

Darryl’s Skins

Darryl's Changelog History
  • 12.07.17 — Darryl was added to the game.
  • 12.18.17 — Darryl’s health was increased by 200 and main attack shots are fired a bit closer together and Star Power damage reduction increased to 80% (from 70%) damage reduced while using Super and Super roll speed decreased slightly to 2400 (from 2800).
  • 12.22.17 — Darryl’s base movement speed was increased from 650 to 700.
  • 01.27.18 — Darryl’s bullet hits were increased charge super to 13 (from 10).
  • 05.21.18 — Darryl’s reload speed was decreased to 1.8 seconds (from 2 seconds).
  • 12.05.18 — Darryl got a rework, his super range was decreased to 7 tiles (from 23.3 tiles) also his star power: Super activates shield which reduces damage by 30% for 3.5 seconds. His Super now charges in 11 attack hits (from 13). His main attack damage was decreased to 260 (from 360). His Super attack damage was decreased to 400 (from 640). His health was decreased to 4000 (from 5000). His Super now charges automatically over 20 seconds.
  • 01.29.19 — Darryl’s Star Power shield protection was increased to 40% (from 30%) and increased Main attack damage per shell to 280 (from 260). Darryl also got a slight remodel.
  • 02.27.19 — Darryl’s Super auto charging time was increased to 30 seconds (from 20 seconds).
  • 04.15.19 — Darryl’s base health was increased to 4200 (from 4000).