Crow Brawl Stars — Strategies, Tips & Tactics

Crow Brawl Stars

Crow fires a trio of poisoned daggers. as a Super move he leaps, firing daggers both on jump and on landing!

A quick fighter, Crow throws daggers that deal damage, and deal even more damage over time. Using his speed and long range, stay away from enemies and support your allies. As his ultimate, Crow jumps into the air, throwing daggers, and throws another set when he lands!

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Crow’s Basic Information


Ranged Brawlers


DOT's (Damage Over Time)

Attack Range:

8.33 Tiles

Super Range:

8.33 Tiles

Attack Reload:


Daggers Per Attack/Super:

3 Attack // 14 Super

Movement Speed:

2.8 Tiles/s



Star Power: Extra Toxic

Crow's poison saps the strength of enemies, who deal 10% less damage while poisoned.

Level Stats

Power Level


Attack (Per Dagger)

Super (Per Dagger)



















Crow’s Abilities


Attack: Switchblade

Crow throws a triple threat of daggers. Enemies nicked by the poisoned blades will take damage over time.


Super: Swoop

Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.

Crow’s Strength’s

  • Fast and very long range.
  • Poison overtime, giving him an advantage in prolonged battles.
  • Great at kiting.
  • Has invincibility frame with his super, giving him time to escape or position himself for a field advantage.

Crow’s Weaknesses

  • Lacks burst damage.
  • Super doesn’t do much damage due to casting delay when he lands, allowing Brawlers to dodge easily.

Tips & Tactics

  • Do chip damage and kite the enemies as much as possible, making them angry.
  • Always keep the distance due to his low HP.
  • Don’t hesitate to use his Super whenever you want to escape.
  • Do not play aggressively too much while using him.

Crow Strategy 101

Crow is another cone-shot style brawler with a few interesting effects built in. Most notably, his attacks deal base damage, but then also deal more damage in the form of poison that stays with the enemy. Similar to Tara in his main attack and his assassin playstyle, Crow really excels in chip damage.

He doesn’t do huge burst damage like a Bull, but his slow steady damage really keeps an enemy team weak and vulnerable to being picked off by your teammates. When playing crow try to stay alive, while dealing as much consistent damage as possible, you will find once you become effective with Crow, that you can keep the entire enemy team at low health most of the time.

This is your priority, and how you are going to sway games in your team’s favor.

Playing this slow assassin style will charge your super quickly, as you will be damaging a lot of enemies. When your super is ready, you will be able to truly become the assassin, leaping in the air and landing with arrows flying in all directions, you will be able to close gaps and finish off fleeing enemies.

Try to focus key targets with these attacks, an enemy gem carrier, or the ball carrier are great targets to land on and kill.

Similar to El Primo’s elbow, getting the timing and prediction of enemy movement will take a little practice, but because of the arrows that shoot out, unlike Primo, even a miss will likely do the job for you. Just be careful you don’t get caught close up by a big brawler, Crow has low HP and is very squishy.

However, Crow is also very fast, and his range is long, so kiting is going to be the best way to deal with brawlers that want to get up close with you, just keep them at a distance and you will win or escape from most 1v1 fights.

Favorable Matchups for Crow

Shelly Brawl Stars
Colt Brawl Stars
Brock Brawl Stars
Bo Brawl Stars
Bull Brawl Stars
El-Primo Brawl Stars

Difficult Matchups for Crow

Rico Brawl Stars
Piper Brawl Stars
Pam Brawl Stars

Best Events/Game Modes for Crow

  1. Gem Grab
  2. Bounty
  3. Brawl Ball
  4. Showdown

Crow’s Skins

Crow's Changelog History
  • 08.16.17 — Crow’s main attack and Super damage were increased to 80 (from 60) per knife. Poison damage was decreased to 80 (from 90).
  • 09.12.17 — Crow’s main attack range was decreased by 0.67 tiles and his Super would now charge slightly slower.
  • 12.07.17 — the health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Also, Crow’s Super’s Jump now has a new animation and is executed faster.
  • 12.18.17 — Crow’s Super was changed to charge slightly more slowly (needs to hit with 6 daggers + poison instead of 5 + poison), and the poison duration from his main attack and Super was reduced to 4 (from 5) seconds. The total damage remained the same.
  • 01.16.18 — Crow’s Super jump speed was decreased by 20%.
  • 03.21.18 — Crow’s projectile size was increased.
  • 04.09.18 — Crow’s main attack and super damage was decreased to 300 (from 320).
  • 05.21.18 — Crow’s Super was changed to charge more slowly (needs to hit 8 daggers + poison instead of 6 + poison), giving him a 21% damage nerf.
  • 05.29.18 — Crow’s main attack and Super damage was decreased to 280 (from 300) per knife.
  • 12.05.18 — Crow’s Super was changed to require 8 daggers + poison to fully charge (from 9 +poison).
  • 02.27.19 — Crow’s main attack reload time was decreased to 1.4s (from 1.5s).
  • 04.15.19 — Crow’s main attack and Super damage was increased to 300 (from 280) per knife, and his poison damage was increased to 75 (from 70).