Collecting Star Tokens. The Fastest Way To Unlock Big Boxes

Unlocking your Big Box as quickly as possible is going to be the quickest way to unlocking more brawlers and skins (other than paying for it). So knowing how to rack up the star tokens required to open the Big Box is important information for a new player. Essentially, you earn Star Tokens by winning each event that appears. Daily, events are changed out for you in your events page on a rotation schedule. These events are what you need to win to earn Tokens, and each event only gives you a token for the FIRST win in that event. You can also see which events are available for Star Tokens by looking at the top left of the event icon, if a token is available, the Star Token Icon with wings will be there, if you have already earned the star token for this event, the icon will be gone.


So if you haven’t played an event in 24 hours, all 4 of your events should be new to you, and therefore you can earn a token for the first win in each category. Certain game modes take longer to unlock than others, so playing at different times of the day will net you the most possible “new” events and thus the most possible tokens. This means that if you want to unlock those Big Boxes fast, play ALL of your new events every day. This should get you at the very least, 4 tokens a day, and likely more if you play in the morning, and at night, allowing some of the events time to reset.

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