How To Change The Color Of Your Name In Brawl Stars

If you’ve played a few rounds of Brawl Stars, odds are you’ve probably seen someone with a colored name. You want a cool colored name too, don’t you?

I did.

Here’s How

Step 1.

Click on the settings button on the home screen.

Step 2.

Click on the “Change Name” button once you’re in the settings screen.


Step 3.

In the name field you’ll want to type out “<c#>NAME</c>” — replace the “#” with a number from 1 to 9. Each number corresponds to a different color. Where “NAME” is, you’ll obviously put the name you’re wanting to change to.


List of colors you can select from

  • C1 = Grey
  • C2 = Red
  • C3 = Green
  • C4 = Blue
  • C5 = Teal
  • C6 = Purple
  • C7 = Yellow
  • C8 = Pink
  • C9 = Red

IMPORTANT. YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOUR NAME ONCE. So be careful, and make sure you like it and that it’s exactly how you want it.

You’ll notice parts of the input you type in will disappear as you type, and eventually you will be left with an example of what the final output will be, no stuff will be left, so if you see any code or numbers, re try your input, because it’s wrong.

Step 4.

When you’re happy with the final results, you’ll need to type in the whole string a second time to confirm the name change.

Step 5.

Finally, you’ll need to type in “CONFIRM” to verify that all of this was not a crazy accident and you do in fact want to change your name.

And that’s it!You’re all set to continue Brawling with your very own fancy name.

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