Bull Brawl Stars — Strategies, Tips & Tactics


Bull deals massive damage up close with his shotgun. For his Super move, he charges through barriers and knocks back enemies!

Unlocked at 250 Trophies, Bull is another shotgun style character. With a high amount of hitpoints and close to mid-range combat, he is a tanky brawler. Use him to pick fights and push a target hard. Bull’s ultimate is a long dash forward that will damage enemies and destroy the environment.

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Bull’s Basic Information


Melee Brawler


Tank, Short Range Attacker

Attack Range:

5 Tiles

Super Range:

11.67 Tiles

Attack Reload:


Bullets per Attack:


Movement Speed:

2.5 Tiles/s



Star Power: Berserker

When Bull falls below 40% health, his reload speed doubles!

Level Stats

Power Level


Attack (Damage Per Bullet)

Super (Damage Per Bullet)



















Bull’s Abilities


Attack: Double-Barrel

Bull’s double-barreled shotgun deals heavy damage. It has very short range, so Bull likes to get up close and personal.


Super: Bulldozer

Bull puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles. He’s always been headstrong!

Bull’s Strength’s

  • High health to take on punishment.
  • A point-blank shot can deal 480+ damage!
  • His super allows you to gap close on enemies that are out of your range.
  • Very good survivor and attacker in Showdown, especially down to the end.
  • Awesome character in Smash and Grab as the crystal holder.
  • His super can break walls and obstacles.

Bull’s Weaknesses

  • Short attack range, which allows long-range Brawlers to kite him.
  • His super sometimes will charge you into the poison clouds in Showdown if you are not careful.
  • Not too useful in offense in Heist due to the short-range.
  • Lacks any sort of crowd control skill.

Tips & Tactics

  • Using Bull, you want to duel people in point-blank range for the 480+ damage!
  • Bull is a strong dueler against El Primo, especially if you get in point-blank range.
  • Since he is easily kited by Shelly and other long-range attackers, it is wise to run if you know you can’t close the gap.
  • Bush hiding and surprising enemies is a great strategy for Bull.
  • His super can charge through walls and obstacles. Use that in Smash & Grab to chase down crystal holders. Or you can also use it in Heist to break the walls to create an opening for your teammates.
  • Avoid using his super in Showdown, especially at the latter stages of the game, where the poison clouds are everywhere…you will run into the poison cloud and die.

Bull Strategy 101

Bull plays similarly to Shelly and El Primo, requiring you to get up in your opponents face to deal heavy damage. Hide in the bushes and get close to your opponent to take advantage of his heavy shotgun damage. Be sneaky and really think about your positioning before picking a fight.

While Bull’s health is high, he can easily get picked off by a team if you run straight at them. Because of Bull’s double-barrel shotgun spread, he can do a lot of damage to a whole team at once and his health pool will keep him alive for it.

This can be great at the beginning of a gem brawl, try to hide off to the side, then unload on as many of the enemies as you can. This can be a viable strategy even if you die because you will have done significant damage and your team will be there to collect up all the gems. You will also have likely gained your super from the damage you did and be ready to be more helpful in the next fight.

Now that you have your super, use it to blindside enemies and catch them in unprepared areas. If an enemy is running from you, charge them down then turn around to finish them off with a shotgun blast!

If you see a good 1v1 matchup for you, but the enemy is hiding behind a wall, charge down the wall and destroy it, allowing you to 1v1 with a weaker opponent. Think about your matchups with Bull before you charge in, he won’t do well if he gets caught by a brawler that outranges him.

Favorable Matchups for Bull

Colt Brawl Stars
Jessie Brawl Stars
Brock Brawl Stars
Barley Brawl Stars
Piper Brawl Stars

Difficult Matchups for Bull

Dynamike Brawl Stars
Bo Brawl Stars
El-Primo Brawl Stars
Poco Brawl Stars
Pam Brawl Stars

Best Events/Game Modes for Bull

  1. Heist
  2. Showdown
  3. Gem Grab
  4. Boss Fight
  5. Brawl Ball

Bull’s Skins

Bull's Changelog History
  • 08.16.17 — Bull’s reload time was increased to 1.6s (from 1.5s).
  • 12.07.17 — the health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4.
  • 12.18.17 — Bull’s health was increased by 200 and main attack damage was increased to 440 (from 400) and Star Power now triggers at 50% health (up from 30%).
  • 12.22.17 — Bull’s base movement speed was increased from 650 to 700 and health was increased from 5,000 to 5,400.
  • 01.16.18 — Bull’s Star Power now triggers at 40% health (from 50%), and his health was decreased from 5400 to 5200.
  • 01.27.18 — Bull’s health was decreased 5000 (from 5200) and increased bullet hits needed to charge super to 10 (from 8).
  • 03.21.18 — Bull’s main attack damage was decreased to 400 (from 440).
  • 05.12.18 — Bull’s health was increased to 5200 (from 5000) also Bull and Viking Bull were remodeled. Viking bull is now 80 Gems.
  • 02.01.19 — the Touchdown Bull skin was added.