How to Play Brawl Stars on PC

If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s most likely due to the fact that you love playing Brawl Stars on your smartphone, so are craving the experience of playing it on the PC or Mac. We’re all about helping you obtain the absolute best gameplay experience possible with Brawl Stars, and busting it out on a nice, wide-screen monitor beats your mobile device any day. For those of you new to Brawl Stars, know that it’s a game about 3 vs 3 matches while playing as one of 22 different Brawlers such as Shelly, Piper, and Poco. Each of these Brawlers comes with their own set of unique abilities and need to be upgraded as the play progresses. While it’s definitely good mobile gaming, it would be so much better on a PC, where you’ll see the entire arena with ease, and control is enhanced. So, go and grab yourself a cup of java, settle down and we’ll run you the through the variety of ways.

How To Begin

Getting Brawl Stars to play on your computer monitor is very easy. All you’ll need is either an emulator or a mirror app. Either one works just fine. Each of the following apps has their own set of fans, each player preferring it over its competitors for reasons of their own. However, no matter which one you choose, the setup for each is generally the same:

  1. First, read up on the different emulators available. Select one to download.
  2. Read and follow the instructions for that particular emulator. Install and run the emulator, then connect it to Google Play Store.
  3. Going to the search menu, locate Brawl Stars on Google Play, and download it to your PC
  4. Open and install the game on your computer, and voila! You’re all set to play Brawl Stars on the big screen!

See? It’s just that simple. What follows next is a list of the most popular apps used by Brawl Star Players. If you have a Mac, no fear, as we’ve included a few apps that handle both systems. Some have more features than others, so take some time to think about it, as you most certainly use these apps for tasks other than playing Brawl Stars. But no matter which you choose, just the fact that you’ll never have to worry about gameplay eating up your phone battery, is pretty sweet.

MEmu for Brawl Stars

MEmu is an app player, a free android emulator which is currently used by over 50 million gamers. It allows you to play Android games on your PC, and comes with the rooting already done. It supports both keyboards, mouse as well as a gamepad. Its multiple Instances manager allows you to level multiple accounts for Brawl Stars. Installation and setup are quite simple, and you can also customize your keymapping or joystick mapping for Brawl Stars. Other features include the ability to import and export data, enlarge virtual memory, as well as make adjustments with regards to your video card: Nvidia, AMD or Intel Integrated cards. MEmu also comes with both a fake and virtual GPS simulation, which is nice as the pre-installed fake GPS lets you play games that ask for your GPS location, without giving it the correct one. MEmu also comes with a Superuser app. Finally, you’ll find installation simple, due to a drag and drop ability.


Noxplayer’s fans love it for its user interface, high compatibility rate for almost all mobile games, its ability to run smoothly on any Windows OS, and suffers few if any crashes. Noxplayer allows you to root internally from your menu options, and it’s extremely easy to install. When installing your APK’s from your PC file, just do a simple drag and drop, and that’s that! Noxplayer also makes it easy to use a Brawl Stars hacking app if you need to with little or no issues. Now, this is a nice perk, a fake GPS location. This means as a player, you’ll be able to use their Virtual GPS location feature which comes integrated in Noxplayer. It also comes with an integrated video recorder and a macro recorder.


By far one of the more popular emulators, Bluestacks 4 player lets you play Brawl Stars on PC as well as Mac. What makes Bluestacks 4 such a fan favorite, is that it is the features it brings with it. These features are designed specifically to help you do one thing: Win. By using Bluestacks 4, you’ll be able to climb up the ranks much faster than if you were playing without it. These features include a one-click broadcasting control, which lets you broadcast your Brawler skills on your social media channel, such as, Facebook Live, Youtube, and others. With Bluestacks 4 multi-instance feature, you’ll be able to play Brawl Stars with multiple accounts. Bluestacks 4 also offers you the chance to customize your controls or stay with the OTB, or Out of the Box, controls created by BlueStacks.


ApowerMirror allows supports two systems. With ApowerMirror, you’re able to connect either your iOS or Android smartphone to your PC. ApowerMirror is as its name states, a mirroring program which lets you connect via WiFi or USB. For android users, it will work with any device running Android 5.0 or higher, and any iOS device that supports AirPlay. As this is not an emulator, you’ll not have to root your device. A big plus is that as you play, you’ll be alerted of any notifications or text messages you receive on your phone. You’ll also be able to capture screenshots of your Brawlers in action and record gameplay, with just one click.

Andy Android

Enjoy seamless sync between your smartphone and PC when playing Brawl Stars, using Andy Android. The Andy Android emulator is a favorite for many users due to it’s easy to use interface. The setup is simple for most users, and this emulator can be used on both PC and Macs. Features include microphone integration, Xbox/Playstation controller support, camera integration, multi-touch support, use of a phone as a controller and much, much more.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of some of the top user-friendly apps to help move your Brawl Star arenas from your mobile device, right to your desktop. By doing so, you’ll be enjoying Brawl Stars in a whole new way. No more will your valiant Brawlers be forced to contend with a tiny viewing space. Now, they’ll be able to brawl right on your computer monitor. We’ve not only included emulators, but also a mirroring method as well.