Brawl Stars Level Packs

Brawl Stars is a game requiring strategy, speed, and common sense gameplay. When you play, you’ll automatically gain experience points, or XP, after every battle. The better you are, the more you’ll get, with Star Players getting an extra 10 XP. It’s these experience points that will get you to a higher level, and in Brawl Stars, once you hit a certain level, you are eligible for level packs!

What are level packs? Well, consider them a bonus, a reward for your strategy and ability to fight. Once you hit a certain level, these level packs will appear in your shop and contain goodies for a price. That’s right, price. The level packs cannot be purchased with in-game currency, only with real-world money. Also, note that these are special offers and are time-sensitive, so you need to act on them right away, or they’ll be gone before you know it. To check out the time allotted, go to the store and check out your level pack. In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see a countdown counter. This alerts you to how much time you’ve left.

As you can see, it might be a good idea to look over what you’ll get in each level pack even before you play, so you can set aside some fun money for yourself ahead of time, and not miss out on a pack. To give you an idea of what you’ll get, we’ve made a list of what each level pack contains, so you can decide whether it’s a good buy for you or not, when the time comes.

Quick tip: The level packs that give you 3 times the value are much more valuable, and worth your cash, than those that only give 2 times the value.

What’s Inside a Level Pack?

Mega Boxes

If you notice below, all of the level packs contain Mega Boxes, which hold 10 times as much as your standard Brawl Box. These are basically nothing more than loot boxes that contain some pretty neat stuff, designed to help you win, and get to your next level. These Mega Boxes can hold coins, power points, brawlers, or Star Power. Know that getting a Mega Box during gameplay is not as simple as securing a standard Brawl Box. That, plus purchasing it separately in the shop will cost you 80 of your gems.


Gems are your basic in-game currency in Brawl Stars. You get them from Brawl Boxes, or in the shop. These gems are then used to buy items such as Brawl Boxes, Brawler skins or token doublers. Big Boxes cost 30 gems and Mega Boxes cost 80.


Gold comes in handy when you’re looking to upgrade your Brawler, or purchase power points during the shop’s daily deals, with 2 coins giving you 1 power point. To purchase Star Power, you’ll need 2000 coins.

The List of Level Packs

Level 5 Pack

This is the first level pack that you’ll come across. The minute you hit level 5, go pay a visit to your shop. There, you should see your level 5 pack. Notice the upper right corner of the pack. and you’ll see the countdown that we’ve previously mentioned. This is quite a deal, as you get 5 times the value, than if you purchased each item separately.

Cost: $1.99
80 Gems
1 Mega Box

Level 15 Pack

Next up is the level 15 pack. This special offer gives you 3 times the value for the money spent.

1 Mega Box
170 Gems

Level 25 Pack

By the time you’re about to hit level 25, you’ve already racked quite a bit of experience points, so this special offer will be a welcome treat, as you’ll get 3 times the value.

3 Mega Boxes
250 Gems

Level 35 Pack

When you hit the level 35 pack, you’ll be getting 2 times the value. As you can probably tell, the level 35 pack offers you less than the other packs, so if you wish, you can consider passing this one by.

5 Mega Boxes
360 Gems

Level 50 Pack

With the level 50 pack, you’re back to getting 3 times the value for the cash you spend. What’s different with this pack, is now you’re getting gold in the mix.

2 Mega Boxes
100 Gems
2000 Gold

Level 75 Level Pack

Again, you’re getting gold, plus 3 times as much as you would by purchasing them separately in the shop

2 Mega Boxes
170 Gems
3500 Gold

Level 100 Pack

Surprise, surprise, if you heard there was a level 100 pack, well there is. Be careful here, it’s pricey, with only a 2 times value with no Mega Box. But, if you’re shy on coins, it may be worth it.

4000 Gold
200 Gems

Final Thoughts

There you have it, all the level boxes in the current version of Brawl Stars. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to purchase them, that’s up to you and your purpose in playing the game. If you’re a serious Brawler, then by all means, yes, they are worth it. If you’re a casual weekend Brawler, then it might not be worth parting with your ash. Nonetheless, the level packs are a great help and are a great assist when it comes to gameplay.