Barley Brawl Stars — Strategies, Tips & Tactics


Barley attacks by lobbing bottles at enemies, doing splash damage. His Super is a huge barrage of burning bottles!

Barley is your friendly bartender robot! His main attack lobs bottles that explode and deal damage around the impact area. Along with his ultimate that has a much larger impact area, use barley to zone your opponent into the areas you want them!

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Barley’s Basic Information


Ranged Brawler/Thrower


Map Control, AoE/Splash Damage

Attack Range:

7 Tiles

Super Range:

9 Tiles

Attack Reload:


Attack Radius:

3x3 Tiles

Movement Speed:

2.5 Tiles/s



Star Power: Medical Use

Barley regains 300 health from each main attack.

Level Stats

Power Level






















Barley’s Abilities


Attack: Undiluted

Barley lobs a bottle, breaking it on the ground. Enemies take damage from the splash, and more damage over time if they stay in the puddle.


Super: Last Call

Barley hurls a flurry of fiery bottles, covering a huge area in flames. This one’s on the house!

Barley’s Strength’s

  • Barley has an extremely long range and a wide area of effect regular attack, allowing him to zone opponents.
  • Barley does massive damage and destroys opponents when they’re grouped up together in a small area.
  • He can stay safe behind walls and obstacles while dealing damage from afar.
  • Barley’s Super does damage over time and has a large area of effect that burns enemies over time. It’s a great super that will annihilate enemies that are trapped in the area.

Barley’s Weaknesses

  • Barley’s attacks have a slight delay, so sometimes it’ll be hard to hit good players that know how to juke.
  • His Super has a casting time, so if he dies during the casting, the rest of the bottles thrown will not occur.
  • Once strong melee range enemies like Shelly, Bull, El Primo or Mortis close in, he’s extremely vulnerable to dying fast.

Tips & Tactics

  • Hiding behind walls and bushes is Barley’s strongest play. You’ll want to stay way out of range of most Brawlers and slowly poke them to death.
  • Try to predict the path of your opponents by throwing bottles in places you think they will run into.
  • Save your Super when enemies clutter up together. It’s devastating and you can kill all 3 opponents in Smash & Grab, Heist or Bounty.
  • If someone’s chasing you, kite around a wall and lob the bottles behind your path to damage them over time.

Barley Strategy 101

Similar in play style to Dynamike, Barley lobs bottles that do area of effect damage and take timing to place correctly. Stand behind cover and lob bottles at your opponents, or lob them in pathways and chokepoints to prevent movement from the enemy team.

Because Barley does half his damage when a bottle explodes, and a half after a second of being on the ground, one of your main goals with barley is to zone your opponents to where you want them to go. Lobbing a bottle at a choke point will give you enough time to run and grab a gem, or prevent enemies from securing a point before your team gets there to help you.

Nobody wants to take damage they can avoid, so use this to your advantage, place bottles behind an enemy to make them stop running from you, or place a bottle at your feet to cause an enemy to stop chasing you. Is there an El Primo sneaking up on you through the bushes?

Throw some bottles in his path to make him turn around, or stop and wait while you run away! As you start to play Barley, try to predict enemy movement so your bottles will land on them. Throwing a bottle directly at an opponent will almost never hit because they are moving, learn how long it takes for the bottle to land at different distance so you can try to lead your bottle into the opponent’s path.

Barleys super is one of, if not the strongest in the game. With huge instant DPS, lasting DPS where the bottles land, and zone control as well, this super does it all. Just like his main attack but a bunch of em, try to land it on clumped enemies and you will find you are wiping whole teams out with a single super.

Also use it to secure objectives, place it just outside, or on top of the gem mine to secure the gems, place it on a safe to kill it, or place it on one side of your team to allow your team to move to an objective uncontested. Barley is an extremely good brawler with a lot of DPS and support abilities, just be careful of being caught off guard, Barley has low HP and you will likely lose most fights if someone manages to get up close to you.

Favorable Matchups for Barley

Frank Brawl Stars
Penny Brawl Stars

Difficult Matchups for Barley

El-Primo Brawl Stars
Mortis Brawl Stars
Spike Brawl Stars
Leon Brawl Stars

Best Events/Game Modes for Barley

  1. Heist
  2. Brawl Ball
  3. Gem Grab
  4. Showdown

Barley’s Skins

Barley's Changelog History
  • 08.16.17 Barley’s main attack and Super damage were increased to 140 (from 120) per tick. Main attack bottles fly 16% faster. Super bottles fly 8% faster.
  • 09.01.17 — Barley’s rarity was changed to Rare from Super Rare.
  • 10.05.17 — Barley’s Super damage was decreased to 120 damage (from 140).
  • 12.07.17 — the health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Also, Barley’s Super now generates 33% less charge towards the next Super (120 → 80).
  • 01.16.18 — Barley’s main attack projectile speed was decreased by 15% but his Star Power healing was increased to 200 (from 100).
  • 03.21.18 — Barley’s projectile speed boost was increased to 14% (from 9%).
  • 03.23.18 — Barley‘s main attack projectile speed was increased by 6%.
  • 04.09.18 — Barley’s main attack projectile speed was increased by 20%.
  • 05.21.18 — Barley’s main attack damage was increased to 600 (from 560) per tick.
  • 12.05.18 — Barley was remodeled, and the Wizard Barley skin was released.
  • 01.29.19 — Barley’s Star Power Healing was increased to 300 (from 200), his main Attack damage was increased to 640 (from 600), and his Super damage per second was increased to 640 (from 480). When throwing the Super close to Barley the spread of the bottles is now much larger. Also, the damage from the Super’s different bottles does not stack anymore.
  • 02.27.19 — Barley’s main attack damage per second was increased to 680 (from 640), and his Super damage per second was increased to 680 (from 640).
  • 04.15.19 — Golden Barley’s bottles turned golden.